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A review of Quality Castings' LVT4 Buffalo

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  • Quality Castings Inc.
  • Manufacturer: Quality Castings Inc.

    Model: LVT4 amphibious tractor (6027)

    Parts: Seven (lower hull, upper hull, left and right tracks, rear ramp, two .30 cal MGs)

    Casting quality: Very average. The mould is obviously showing its age, as is this model.

    Scale accuracy and likeness: Poor. The most notable error is the front hull cover ahead of the driving compartment which is horizontal instead of being angled sharply downwards. This seriously detracts from the model's appearance.

    Detailing: Limited, with very simplified tracks .

    Fit: Very poor. Top and bottom hull fit is tentative at best and require a lot of filling and sanding.

    Overall comment: Serious shape problems coupled with poor fit make this a model to avoid. Obviously one of the older models in the Quality Castings, the LVT4 is in serious need of remastering.

    Modifications needed: Too numerous to be worthwhile. Start with the Skytrex model instead.

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