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A review of Battlefront Miniatures' Panhard 178 Armoured Car


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  • Manufacturer: Battlefront Miniatures

    Model: Panhard AMD 178 Armored Car (W21-F006)

    Parts: Resin body and turret, white metal main gun and co-axial machine-gun assembly and wheels.

    Casting quality: Good overall although the particular model reviewed was not as crisp and clean as other Battlefront offerings.

    Scale accuracy and likeness: Generally good. Width, overall height and wheels are spot on. Overall length lacks about 2mm and the turret is a tad short. The main problem is that the fighting compartment should end another 2mm further forward. As a result, the front glacis extends too far back and the front mudguards do not reach the fighting compartment as they should.

    Detailing: Very good. All doors, hatches and vision blocks are correctly portrayed and even the wheels are pretty accurate. Only two minor errors : the rear driving position is not depicted (although this is hardly noticeable) and the left side engine cover is depicted as a solid hatch rather than a grille. The characteristic large antenna bases are not provided but aren't too difficult to scratch build from wire and plastic sprue.

    Fit: Good but the location holes for the front wheels are not symmetric and must be adjusted.

    Overall comment: Overall, this is a nice model of the Panhard armoured car. Apart from the fighting compartment problem which would be hard to correct, the problems are very minor.

    Modifications needed: All the Panhard 178 deployed to Indochina were of the 178B model, produced from 1945, and would need a scratch built FL 1 turret. A possible base for conversion might be a M5 Stuart's turret azlthough this conversion hasn't been attempted yet for lack of good reference material.

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