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A review of Battlefront Miniatures' Hotchkiss H39 Light Tank


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  • Manufacturer: Battlefront Miniatures

    Model: Hotchkiss H39 Light Tank (W21-F005)

    Parts: Resin body and turret, white metal tracks and long-barrel 37mm SA 38 gun.

    Casting quality: Good for the resin parts, rather poor for the metal track assembly which seems to be rather ill defined in all models I've seen (this is possibly limited to some production batches).

    Scale accuracy and likeness: Fair. The model's length is right, but the width lacks almost 3mm...

    Detailing: Good. The running gear is quite accurate, hatches and vision blocks are well portrayed although the engine deck is slightly simplified.

    Fit: Fair. The tracks to hull fit is rather poor and the tracks tend to converge inwards if care isn't taken.

    Overall comment: This is a rather nice rendition of the Hotchkiss tank but it does look noticeably too narrow which seriously detracts from its appearance.

    Modifications needed: All H39s used in Indochina had earlier been taken into German service when the commander's cuppola was replaced by German pattern with top hatches. This is easily reproduced by simply filing it to a flat top.

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