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A review of Quality Castings' M29C Weasel

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  • Manufacturer: Quality Castings Inc.

    Model: Weasel amphibious .25 ton truck (6011 - M29C)

    Parts: Two (white metal body and windshield)

    Casting quality: Very good overall. Flash is minimal and requires next to no file work. The tiny road wheels do suffer from a loss of definition towards the rear of the vehicle but that is not really a problem for a running gear that was known for its tendency to clog up with reeds and mud.

    Scale accuracy and likeness: Excellent. The model's dimensions are spot on for Quality Castings' advertised scale of 1/108 and the look of the original vehicle is very well captured.

    Length oa/hull
    Vehicle (m) 4.88m 1.71m 1.35m
    Model (cm)

    Detailing: Excellent. Everything is sharply detailed with no obvious shortcuts, even the driver's intrument pannel has been engraved.

    Fit: Well, the one piece that needs to be glued (the windshield) fit perfectly... so fit is good.

    Overall comment: This is an excellent rendition of the Weasel and is recommended with no reservation.

    Modifications needed: The only modifications needed are the addition of armament and, if preferred, repositioning the surf guard (see Modelling the "Crabe" for more details). 

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