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Every site's got to have them...

Oddly enough this is probably the page that takes the least amount of time to put together because, quite frankly, there isn't all that much out there... 

So, here are the links we found. If you know of more, please do tell us... All are in English unless indicated otherwise.


  • Contre les Viets Indochina Crossfire variant by Peter Hunt of the Hong Kong Wargamers Association.

Personal accounts

The Ground War


  • L'épopée du 6e BEP, Bigeard's battalion in Tu Lé (October 1952). In French only.
  • The Bataillon de Corée's experience as part of the 2nd US Infantry Division in Korea. Not quite Indochina but this unit later served in the ill-fated GM 100.
  • The Rastatt Foreign Legion Veterans Association maintain a site in French and English with some very good photos (on the French pages) and several links to other Legion sites. The images do take quite a while to download...
  • Le R.I.C.M. en Indochine has a short summary of the unit's operations in Indochina. In French only.

The Air War

The River War

General History of the War

Topo Maps :

Discussion Lists :

  • FEW-Wargaming was founded to provide an E-group to support FEW wargaming and other conflicts in the Far East (Iran, Vietnam, China, Korea, India, Pakistan, Japan, Taiwan, etc.).
  • The Vietgaming Mailing List covers miniature gaming of the various Vietnam wars.

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