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TOAW 1 Scenarios

Haiphong Landing '52 (hypothetical) by Nigel Wong


Date: 1952
Location: Haiphong, French Indo China
Map Scale: 2.5 Kilometres per hex
Time Scale: 1-day turns
Unit Scale: Company/Battalion/Regiment
Length: 28 turns
  Download Haiphong Landing '52 scenario file

Scenario summary

Following General De Lattre's suicide upon the death of his son at the front, the French Expeditionary Forces fall back in disarray from the massacre at Hoa Binh. Unsupplied and practically leaderless, mass desertions gut the locally conscripted regiments. Once again it falls upon the elite of the FEC to barter their lives for a few extra days and a few dozen miles of bloody dirt.

Against the advice of the JCS, a US Task Force has been hastily assembled and dispatched to Haiphong. Navy Seabees have recently cleared an airfield under the aegis of the 9th Marine Regiment: multi-service offensive operations involving the 3d Marine, 11th Airborne and 1st Infantry Divisions to commence February 1st..

Opposing this formidable but logistically brittle force is the entire regular army of the Viet Minh, forced to begin their offensive early by the arrival of the US Task Force.In the middle of resupply and hungry for victory, the veteran divisions of the Viet Minh aren't about to wait another ten years to take Hanoi . . . or are they ?

Scenario design

Nigel Wong

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