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TOAW 2 Scenarios

Lord of the Tonkin by Xavier Buaillon

Lord of the Tonkin partial screenshot

Date: 22nd of December 1952
Location: Binh Tri, French Indo China
Map Scale: 2.5 Kilometres per hex
Time Scale: 6 hours turns
Unit Scale: Company/sections
Length: 24 turns maximum
  Download Lord of the Tonkin scenario file

Scenario summary

22nd of December 1952, Indochina. Today, Bigeard's paras participate in an operation of escort of a convoy destinated to an isolated post North east of the map "Binh Tri" .

The area is under control of one of the best Viet Minh unit. The famous general Giap's 42nd regiment.

French Mission:
1) Escort and protect the convoy.
2) Teach Giap a lesson.

Viet Minh Mission:
1) Destroy the convoy.
2) Teach Bigeard a lesson.


"Bataillon Bigeard" Erwan Bergot. Ed.Presses de la cité.

Scenario design

Xavier Buaillon

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