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TOAW2 Scenarios

Route Coloniale 4 by Xavier Buaillon

Route Coloniale 4 partial screenshot

Date: 1st October 1950
Location: Route Coloniale 4, French Indo China
Map Scale: 2.5 Km/Hex
Time Scale: 6h turn
Unit Scale: Company/sections
Length: ? turns maximum
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Scenario summary

French government has ordered to its colonial troops of Indochina to evacuate the northern area of Indochina bordering China.

The Cao Bang base will have to go south to That Khé by the RC 4 through montains and jungles.

French politicians believe the Viet Minh Forces are composed only by guerilla units which are no match against french regular army's firepower. However, they ignore and under estimate the reports of the local intelligence officers who say that General Giap, the leader of the vietnamese communist revolution has formed with the help of Popular China a real regular army with modern equipment, well trained and leaded troops, ready to launch an invasion of the Tonkin. It will be the first and not the last encounter between the Vietnamese Regular Army and the french colonial forces...

French commander's mission:
Evacuate whatever the cost Cao Bang's garnison (North West) to That Khé (Center).

Viet Minh commander's mission:
Invade the maximum of the Tonkin region.


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Scenario design

Xavier Buaillon

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