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TOAW 2 Scenarios

Route Coloniale 6 by Xavier Buaillon

Route Coloniale 6 partial screenshot

Date: 10 November 1951
Location: Route Coloniale 6, French Indo China
Map Scale: 2.5 Km/Hex
Time Scale: 6h turn
Unit Scale: Company/sections
Length: ? turns maximum
  Download Route Coloniale 6 scenario file

Scenario summary

10 November 1951. At the disaster of the RC4, the french army of Indochina has lost 8 elite batallions with considerable supply stocks, enough to provide weapons and ammunitions to 15 000 men!

After this great victory over the french, the Viet Minh is getting ready to invade the delta and put an end to the war.

As Mao tze Toung would say " this kind of disaster is just the prelude of the total collapse of the adversary".

France has sent to Indochina one of its greatest military leader: The famous general de Lattre.

He shakes the habits, wakes up the sleepers, supersede the incompetents. Accelerates the yellowing, first step to the constitution of an independant national vietnamese army. releasing more manpower to the front, wich with the arrival of fresh reinforcements from France, allows him to restore the lost batallions.

Giap falls on a hard core! de Lattre is a great tactician, maneuvering mechanized troops, aviation and airborne troops with maestria!

The 308th brigade, the 312th  and the 304th have been localized in the Hoa Binh area. 

Your mission as the French general:
1) Destroy the Viet Minh.

Your mission as the Viet Minh general:
1) Teach the french another lesson!


Dictionary of the defence and the armed forces.(Larousse).
Histoire de la Legion -Henri Le Mire (Albin Michel)
Histoire de la guerre d'Indochine-Gen.Gras (Denoel).

Scenario design

Xavier Buaillon

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