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A review of Quality Castings' LVT(A)4

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  • Quality Castings Inc.
  • Manufacturer: Quality Castings Inc.

    Model: LVTA4 amphibious tank (6025)

    Parts: Six (white metal), upper hull, lower hull, tracks, turret and crewman

    Casting quality: Good. Although it shares some components with the same company's LVT4 the casting quality of this model is much better.

    Scale accuracy and likeness: This model suffers from the same problems as the LVT4 model : simplified tracks and horizontal rather than angled front hull cover. However, for some reason, probably the fact that the rear hull and turret are quite good, this doesn't detract from the model as much as for its stable mate.

    Detailing: Average, the rear hull and turret are quite good.

    Fit: Good

    Overall comment: This model shows its age but is much more useable than the LVT4.

    Modifications needed: None though a tarp covering the turret's fighting compartment can be added.

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